Squiggletronics Module Library for RackPlanner

Sandy edition
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RackPlanner Software

Learn about RackPlanner here.
RackPlanner download and readme.
Click to close This is version 2 of the Module Library. It took over the task in July of 2012.

Most of the data found here was extracted from the original Module Library collection of zip files. Thanks for checking it out.
--Steve (a.k.a. BananaPlug)

11/6/2012: API is available for developers to try out. More info at MW forum.

10/30/2012 updates:
Mostly maintentance to bring ModuleMaker up to date and catch up with schema changes.

9/8/2012 updates:
Thumbnails of recent modules on the splash page are "alive" mouseover: big image, click: details
The detail view has a download button.

7/20/2012 updates:
Bug fix - Zip file names with spaces in them were not downloading properly
Checkbox for limiting list to recently added/edited modules.
A bit of "splash" info and styling tweaks.
Text-only list mode is two columns.
Fixed some coding errors, pages are valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
Added navigation menu.

UTC timespamp in zip files
Tools for moderators (replacing images etc.)
Maybe some kind of feedback form
Pop up select list for manufacturer's names (I'm losing interst in this feature)

There is a "modtime" attribute for the XML. It tells you when the module was last updated.
A way to propose and collect data for XML properties we don't yet support
A way for users to point out dubious data and suggest alternatives
A new Module Maker integrated into this (we use the original one for now)

Re. Login:
Logging in will be required for those needing editing priveleges (moderators) and eventually for some optional personalized features.

Questions and comments? PM BananaPlug at MW